Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

Today is Ms. Bucky's first Rabbit Holiday with us. And she got "into" the spirit of things right away this morning, looking for her Easter Basket.

Of course, Ms. Bucky showed a great deal of interest in Mark's Easter Basket!

But was really disappointed in Annie Carol's Basket! So was Annie Carol! :(

Then she participated in looking for all of Marky's eggs while he was still sleeping. And she found most of them! (That's what you get for leaving Annie Carol's Easter Basket empty. . . again!)

Ms. Bucky is really looking forward to Easter dinner with the family later today. She wishes all of you a


Laurie said...

Awwwww! I love your Rabbit Claymate!
This is adorable! (Still lovin' that picture!!)
Happy Easter to you and my 'secret' hubby Mark!
(Nebraska does not allow rabbit Claymates just so you know!!)

Don & Diana said...

Uncle Mark - bad, bad, year maybe some rotten eggs in his basket!!

Glad Buckys Easter was nice - she would of enjoyed our egg sorry she couldn't attend....but then we must play by the rules........I LIKE RULES ALL OF A SUDDEN. HAPPY EASTER!!!

Ms. Bucky and Annie Carol said...

Laurie - feel free to let the world know your special name for my hubby!!!! LOL

Ms. Bucky and Annie Carol said...

And Uncle Marky has no explanation as to why my Easter Basket is empty again!!!!!