Sunday, March 25, 2007

We're Not Getting Any Younger!

Since once again having "acquired" the long, lost Ms. Bucky, this thought has been running through my mind, over and over. It took over 7 years for my family to get Ms. Bucky back to me! And we're not getting any younger! What if one of us dies with Ms. Bucky in our possession? What then?

So, I think it's time to establish some ground rules before we continue this game.

Ms. Bucky Game Play Rules

1. Ms. Bucky must be passed back to the another player within a 5 year period of time.

2. When one or all of the players reach 60 years of age, Ms. Bucky must be passed back within a 2 year window of opportunity.

3. When one or all of the players reach 70 years of age, Ms. Bucky must be passed back within a 1 year window of opportunity. Family members would appreciate extra Depends and hearing aid batteries thrown into Ms. Bucky's carrying case.

4. If you pass away to that big carrot field in the sky, your spouse is responsible to keep Ms. Bucky in play. It is not an option to have her buried with you, as fun as that sounds!

5. Ms. Bucky shall be passed down to children of current game players.

6. If current game players have no children, representatives will be designated so Bucky Game Play can continue for generations to come! (Yes Donald and Diana, I'm "willing" my game piece to one of your children!)

7. Whoever has possession of Ms. Bucky becomes the keeper of this blog! No whinging. No excuses. Remember, you get to pass this on to your unsuspecting child!

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord, that Ms. Bucky will keep
If I should die before I wake
My family I hope, Ms. Bucky they'll take!


Ms. Bucky and Annie Carol said...

This blog is now open for comments!

Don & Diana said...

We are ontesting the will hear from our lawyers soon.....

Ms. Bucky and Annie Carol said...

Don't spend your money that way! Let the kids have the "pleasure" of entertaining Ms. Bucky!

Ms. Bucky and Annie Carol said...

Blog readers, confess!!! LOL

So far this week, I've seen people from California, Colorado, North Carolina, Florida and the Netherlands on this blog. I know you all are just waiting for a chance to meet Ms. Bucky, right???

SILinIN said...

I think we have been entirely too selfish with Ms. Bucky. I think Ms. Bucky needs to meet more kinfolk.

I also propose that for every year you keep Ms. Bucky, you are granted twice as many years of reprieve!

Ms. Bucky and Annie Carol said...

So, if I use your math, I would need to keep her for 14 years. . . unless of course she were to meet "kinfolk" in like let's say. . . . Florida????

Anonymous said...

Florida clan HAS MOVED!!!! No forwarding address has been left - and besides....I thought the rules where that the Floridians were safe until rule number 6 came into play!!!

Ms. Bucky and Annie Carol said...

I think you may be right, as I view and interpret rule # 6. Of course Marky does have a plan to get rid of me, so rule #6 could come into play a lot sooner than you might expect!

Anonymous said...

Hummm....seems if he has a plan to get rid of you...then rule number 4 says he would be responsible for playing the game(keeping the Floridian clan safe from playing for awhile). He is your spouse - correct. So he might want to rethink those would make me rethink them...:) Think I better make a copy of these new rules - I MAY HAVE TO CALL A "DO OVER" SOME DAY!!!!