Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I Love New York!

Ms. Bucky has anxiously been waiting for the full announcement of Clay Aiken's Summer Tour. But what is going on? Where are the dates in the mid-west? Where is the Minnesota concert? What? He's not coming to his favorite city of St. Paul! This definately presents a problem. So what is Ms. Bucky supposed to do?

I know. Ms. Bucky will go on the road and find Clay - wherever he is!

Ms. Bucky announces HER summer tour: New York!

So, in the middle of July, Ms. Bucky will set out on a one week road trip following Clay Aiken around to several concerts: Syracuse, Canandaigua and Chatuagua, New York. Seats have been reserved (don't you think such a little rabbit should be able to get in for half price?) hotels have been reserved. Ms. Bucky is happy.

Then her travel agent called today and suggested. . . on the way home, why don't you swing down to Columbus, Ohio for another concert. What's a wabbit to do? Say "yes," of course!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ms. Bucky Attends Her First Claymate Gathering!

Saturday, April 14, 2007; Ms. Bucky (proudly announces) attend her first Claymate get together with some MNClayfans! Prior to this ocassion, she worshipped her idol from afar - her previous guardians never took her to a concert, or party event - and rarely allowed her to listen to any of Clay's CD's. But now that is a thing of the past! For those who were also in attendance, we watched proudly as Ms. Bucky lost her "clack virginity" as we introduced her to Clay's performance of Back For More at the Vermont JBT. (Yeah - you know the one-that's the one where he throws the mic stand down and tugs on his tie ferociously!)

However, Ms. Bucky was introduced to some other "habits" as well. Pictured below, PinkLady serves Ms. Bucky a glass of wine. Did anyone check on Ms. Bucky's age?

Ms. Bucky got into the spirit of things and tried to find a MNClayfans T-shirt in her size, but ended up settling for a MNClayfan pin instead.

Those cracks in her head really come in handy!

By the end of the evening, Ms. Bucky has made many new friends and was clearly head over heals in love with Clay Aiken. Or is that heels over head??

Friday, April 13, 2007

Clay in Afghanistan!

Ms. Bucky and I agree. Afghanistan is one place that she has yet to travel to. But, the object of her affection, Clay Aiken, was there in the past week as the UNICEF ambassador for education.

Hmmmmmm, the really interesting thing about these photos, is that Clay looks an awful lot like someone else we all know and love!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

Today is Ms. Bucky's first Rabbit Holiday with us. And she got "into" the spirit of things right away this morning, looking for her Easter Basket.

Of course, Ms. Bucky showed a great deal of interest in Mark's Easter Basket!

But was really disappointed in Annie Carol's Basket! So was Annie Carol! :(

Then she participated in looking for all of Marky's eggs while he was still sleeping. And she found most of them! (That's what you get for leaving Annie Carol's Easter Basket empty. . . again!)

Ms. Bucky is really looking forward to Easter dinner with the family later today. She wishes all of you a